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6 Degrees of Associations

Building a Strong Online Learning Community with Celess Tyrell

Celess Tyrell brings fresh thinking to the age old issue of building strong online communities through engaging learning opportunities in the nursing world.

Joining Forces with JP Moery of The Moery Company

JP Moery brings a limitless energy and venerable experience to the job of driving membership renewals, retention, and value. Learn more about how that expertise will produce even more wins for the association world in the future through partnership.

Strategic Planning with Mike Moss, CAE of SCUP

Mike Moss, CAE with the Society for College and University Planning is on a mission to improve the strategic planning process with a design mantra of integration.

Undercover Member Programs with Jay Daughtry of CQbd

Mystery shopper meets Undercover Boss in the form of the “undercover member” program to help associations find the gaps, and flaps, in their member experience!

Innovation in Affinity Programs with Paul Andres of Prevail

Gone are the days of set and forget it affinity programs, with the democratization of information and comparison shopping, Paul and Lucas discuss how to build on relational strategies to increase the value of affinity.

Technology and Marketing with Patrick King of Imagine

Technology and automation can significantly impact and increase the return on investment in marketing but still the adoption can be slow in the association world.

Cause Marketing with Amanda Keefer

Cause marketing and how it can provide value to associations by connecting doing business with doing good.

Benchmarking Member Engagement with Tony Rossell

Marketing General has been conducting a benchmarking survey for 13 years and this year has over 900 associations joining in on the data gathering. In this episode, Tony shared some not so good news...

Virtual Events with Jim Parker

To hear Jim Parker of Digitell talk about virtual events is to hear from a great prognosticator of things to come. The future looks exciting and bright in the world of bringing us together in the...

Digital Learning with Debra Zabloudil

Most associations can't afford focused education departments or don't have the time to stop the content wheel and evaluate their educational content strategy. Join this informative conversation with...


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