Interactive • Engaging • Customizable

Do your member truly understand the value of the programs your association offers? Are you missing opportunities to connect with members and gain feedback? How is your association collecting, analyzing, and monetizing your data today?

Perks Marketplace Benefits

Perks Marketplace is a customizable Benefit Management Software (BMS) that specializes in generating multiple data sets and insights through an integrated, user-friendly visual platform for associations and their members.


  • Data Visualization
  • Trend Analysis
  • Key influences and insights
  • Enhance program membership relationships


  • Attract new members with user-friendly interfaces

  • Member feedback mechanisms

  • Customizable call-to-actions to suit suppliers

  • Provide suppliers with metrics and data

Non-Dues Revenue

  • Non-Dues Revenue

  • Calculated ROI

  • Cross-promotional marketing

  • New sponsorship opportunities


  • User-friendly navigation

  • Modern UI experience

  • Simplified profile updates